Monday, May 30, 2011

Real Life Super-powers #1: Human Echolocation

It's not Daredevil and his radioactively amplified hearing, but it is documented echolocation in humans.

It does require you to be blind, and further to develop your blindness early or late in life. I've missed the early life, but how long do I wait to blind myself? I plan on living till I'm about 130 years old, but the average is still somewhere in the 70's. I don't want to miss the party trick of the century.

Except that I think I may be partially deaf, I'm predisposed to this power. I can already tell when my wife comes into the bedroom. Even her slender quiet form leaves a sound shadow as she passes in front of the running dehumidifier.

Twenty bucks to first true-believer who can use echolocation to determine if a criminal is telling the truth.

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